Refer your peers to Brightpearl and save    on your bill

Invite your fellow merchants to talk to us and if they're the sort of business that would benefit from Brightpearl, you could get $500 off your bill. If they go on to become a Brightpearl customer, you will get an additional $2,000 off!

That's $2,500 for every business you refer that becomes a Brightpearl customer! Completely uncapped - the more you refer, the more you save. Refer enough and you could be using Brightpearl for free! 

Referring takes minutes. Just fill in the form opposite.

  • We’ll get in contact with you and get some more details.
  • Next we’ll get in contact with your peer and see if Brightpearl is a good fit for their business.
  • If they are, we’ll credit your account with $500!
  • If they go on to buy Brightpearl, you’ll get another credit of $2,000!

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