Why your Retail business needs ERP

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Choose the perfect back office system to grow your retail or wholesale business

We are an ERP designed specifically with Retailers and Wholesalers in mind. We help B2B and B2C customers alike, and have integrations with the leading marketplaces, sales channels, and services, so you won't need to compromise your technology stack.


  • Automation - automate repetitive back office tasks to speed up order processing, stock allocation, goods out and more. 
  • Real time accounting - see how your business is performing in real time with detailed, up to the minute reports available at a moment’s notice.
  • Manage inventory across multiple locations seamlessly, no matter how large your operations are.
  • Provide powerful insight and ease of use to your front end staff with Brightpearl POS

Don’t just take our word for it, we’re already making a difference to businesses like yours.

“Brightpearl has definitely been a time saver, especially for processing orders, ordering stock and accounting. Order processing used to take 30-40 minutes, maybe an hour. Now it takes a few minutes.”

— Adam Watson, Director, Want Gifts

Reduce costs and improve profitability with Brightpearl

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About Redstage

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About Brightpearl  

Brightpearl is a cloud-based ERP for retailers and wholesalers. Our mission is clear: automate the back office so merchants can spend their time and money growing the business.