Loyal not Loyal

Meeting fickle millennial
expectations in the digital age

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Less loyalty means certain groups are likely to change where they buy


  1. Introduction
  2. Millennial buying power redefines purchase behavior
  3. Innovative new approaches are needed to retain the least loyal groups
  4. Experience ratings drop as the buying journey advances
  5. Millennials express most discontent especially post-purchase
  6. More efficient processes are needed to improve the delivery experience
  7. Poor experiences impact the decision to purchase
  8. Fast and frictionless is more important for younger shoppers
  9. Analysis conclusion
  10. Loyal not Loyal? Experts give their views

This report will help you to

If younger shoppers are important to your business then you can no longer afford to alienate them with experiences that fail to meet their expectations; this is becoming even more crucial as millennial buying power increases year-on-year. Leaving gaps in the buying journey will be punished by younger shoppers who lack loyalty and are happy to abandon a brand forever - but usually not before leaving a damning review.

This latest special report from Brightpearl deep dives into the subject of millennial brand loyalty in a digital age. It reveals the secrets to attracting millennials to your brand and keeping them around for the long haul.

Download ‘Loyal not Loyal’ today. This report will help you to:

  • Better understand the attitudes, behaviors and needs of younger shoppers - including what characteristics make them the ‘disloyal’ generation
  • Gain insight into what millennials hate most about ecommerce shopping; what will alienate or cause younger shoppers to leave negative feedback, resulting in lost sales and market share
  • Learn why seamless experiences are vital to getting millennials on board with your brand and what technologies can help to capture brand loyalty
  • Understand why providing experiences in line with millennial expectations could result in huge opportunities for increased wallet capture

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