Your sales team is arguably the most vital organ in your business; pumping cash through to purchasing, marketing, customer service, warehousing, and more. But unless the strategy guiding them is based on actionable data consolidated from all your sales channels, you could be on the fast track to the business equivalent of a cardiac arrest!

Instead, take control of your sales strategy and keep a pulse on your order data with key performance metrics from Brightpearl Analytics powered by Glew.

  • Make smart decisions with insights into all orders placed and their statuses, which channels are driving sales, distribution of orders by lead source, and more.
  • Accurately track order data with the ability to filter by channel, order type/status, and date range.
  • Track the KPIs that matter with insights into COGS, Gross Revenue and Net Profit by date.
  • Gain insight into orders and revenue by channel and lead source

Not only that, but with Brightpearl Analytics you also get three other dashboards giving you actionable real time insights on the impact that your discounts are having, which products are helping you grow the most, and tools to drill down into customer LTV!

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