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Where does Business Intelligence fit in your omnichannel strategy?

Do a quick Google search and all the business insiders agree: we’re now in the age of big data. Once seen as a nice to have or pet project, Business Intelligence is now critical for today’s retailers to think beyond the limits of standard reporting and to a new age where analysis of sales, margins, vendor delivery times, and marketing effectiveness is the only way for them to react to business insights, capitalize on trends, and stay agile.

As you’re developing your omnichannel strategy, how are you planning to:

  • Predict the behavior of your competitors, suppliers, customers, technologies, acquisitions, markets, products and services.
  • Analyze transactions and social media activity to get unprecedented access to your customers’ minds and buying habits.
  • Keep a vigilant eye on business activities by estimating the long and short-term demands, notifications of low inventory, and monitoring factors that influence buying decisions.

Powered by Glew, Brightpearl Analytics provides the most commonly used retail-specific KPIs out of the box, but as a complete Business Intelligence and reporting tool, it can also be customized and extended to incorporate any data source and to deliver highly customized reports, enabling you to develop the critical decision support systems specific to your business.

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