With Brightpearl behind your BigCommerce webstore,
gain visibility and control over your inventory

Brightpearl provides the perfect back-office solution for BigCommerce. By connecting your multiple webstores with the rest
of your sales channels, Brightpearl empowers you with core inventory management, purchasing, accounting, and workflow
automation while removing complexities or the need for a range of different applications.

Designed specifically for retail, Brightpearl complements BigCommerce by managing inventory across multiple locations, associating
any combination of stock feeds to each individual store to maximize your selling potential, and then automatic fulfillment routing to
optimize and reduce distribution costs. Brightpearl’s integration enables you to scale confidently, and take advantage of less admin time.



Orders are created in Brightpearl, creating new or using existing customers and automatically reserving inventory. Additional information from BigCommerce will be captured in Brightpearl.



As on hand inventory levels for Brightpearl warehouses change, the quantity is automatically sent to BigCommerce to ensure accurate availability. Setup automatic inventory routing decisions and fulfillment SLAs for consumers looking for BOPIS options.



Payments are created in Brightpearl to mark orders as paid, as and when they are captured in BigCommerce.



Manage product prices in Brightpearl in the currency of each BigCommerce account.


Order Status

May Brightpearl and BigCommerce order statuses so that a change in either application will update the other.



Shipping method and tracking reference are sent to BigCommerce and customers are notified for each individual shipment made against the order in Brightpearl.


Refunds and Returns

When a return is processed in BigCommerce, a sales credit and refund will be automatically created in Brightpearl. You can choose whether items are automatically returned into stock for resale.



Download skeleton product records from BigCommerce to Brightpearl to speed up creating new product ranges.

Key Features



Buy Online Pickup In Store

Provide the ultimate instant gratification experience to your consumers by offering a BOPIS fulfillment option. With a number of benefits like reduced shipping and returns costs, and in-store upsell opportunity, you’re now able to compete with big-box retailers by making it easy for your customers to choose what they want to purchase, from where, and when they want to pick it up. Ensure there’s never a missed sale by defining automatic routing decisions that transfer out of stock items to the most convenient pickup location so consumers get what they need as quickly as possible.


End-to-end, multi location inventory management

Inventory is at the heart of your business, so Brightpearl has advanced modules for managing inventory from purchase to sale across multiple warehouses, sales channels, and price lists. Track your inventory using First in First Out (FIFO), meaning that if you purchase inventory at fluctuating prices, we’ll always record the exact cost of goods so you know exactly how profitable each order has been.


Omnichannel order management

You can connect as many BigCommerce stores to Brightpearl along with any other sales channels like eBay, Amazon, or physical stores, and have Brightpearl automatically collate all activity into a single solution to remove complexity, admin, delays, and errors.


Real-time accounting

There’s no need to integrate with a third party when it comes to your accounting as Brightpearl’s built-in accounting module provides you with much more accurate data, allowing you to make data driven decisions in real time. Your accounting data is tied to your sales and inventory so you can always see your true profitability by channel and across your business.


Scaleable with all business models

Our connection with BigCommerce has been designed and built for scale, handling consistently high volumes of orders as well as trending business models, such as flash sales. Store performance and the customer experience won’t be touched, and no orders will be missed.


Workflow automation

A powerful, configurable rules engine where you can setup automated workflows within order processing to save costs, reduce errors, and better serve customers. All driven from an easy to use drag and drop editor, where no coding or expensive experts are required.

Sit back, relax, and let BigCommerce focus on customer
acquisition and conversion, while Brightpearl manages all of
your back-office operations.