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A Returning Problem

Are retailers planning to follow Amazon’s lead and cut off serial returners - and will shoppers
accept potential lifetime bans for ‘returning too much’?

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Serial returners are a growing problem for retailers, damaging their already tight margins. With Amazon’s recent decision to ban customers who return too much, is this a strategy other retailers might adopt and will shoppers accept or even support the possibility of being ‘banned’ for returning too many items?


This latest special report from Brightpearl deep dives into Amazon’s recent decision to ban serial returning customers, and the consequences this might have on the retail sector at large.

Download ‘Banned? A Returning Problem’, for insight into whether retailers plan to follow Amazon’s lead towards problematic returners and how, as well as shoppers’ reactions, and the potential impact on their buying habits.

This report will help you to

  • Gain insight into the alarming rise of serial returners and the predicted impact on retailers’ margins Understand attitudes towards potential ‘serial returner bans’, how this might impact on the consumer-brand relationship and influence shopping habits
  • Obtain comprehensive views from retailers, industry experts and self-proclaimed serial returners on whether ‘bans’ are the most effective solution for chronic returners
  • Understand the lighter touch alternatives to lifetime bans that shoppers are in favor of and which may help protect relationships with customers
  • Gain insight into the technologies that can help retailers better prepare for and make informed decisions on tackling the growing serial returner problem.

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